The Shop

Oak Iris Tattoo is currently a wandering scribe. In June of 2019 we will be moving into our new space at 4330 N Interstate Ave in Portland, Oregon. Until then Bex will be tattooing at Studio Catawampus / Elmpixie Tattoos in the Cathedral Park Place building at 6635 N. Baltimore St. #228.

To get to the Studio Catawampus space:

The Cathedral Park Place building is a bit of a maze so here’s how to find us once you get to the building. The building is locked after 5 and on weekends so text me at 831-234-9396 for the code when you arrive.

If you can walk up stairs:
Once you arrive park on the street and walk into the courtyard. (There is occasionally parking in the courtyard but it’s best to park on the street) Enter the building by the signs for Occidental Brewing and follow signs for Studio Catawampus / Elmpixie Tattoo (entrance B on the map). Go up the stairs, then to the left, around the corner.


If you cannot walk up stairs:
Enter the building via the door by the mailboxes (entrance A) and take the elevator to the second floor. Follow this map, and signs for Studio Catawampus / Elmpixie Tattoo, to find us.