Tattoo Aftercare


To maintain a healthy tattoo that will stay bright for years it’s important to care for it properly. Here is how to properly care for a tattoo. NOTE: If you’re worried that your tattoo may be infected or you may be having an allergic reaction, contact a doctor.

  • If you’ve been given a traditional bandage, leave it on for two to four hours. If you’ve been given saniderm, leave it on for up to 24 hours.

  • It’s best to remove saniderm in the shower. Soak it thoroughly in hot water and slowly peel it off trying not to pull the skin away from your body too much, rolling the saniderm down as you go.

  • After carefully removing the bandage, wash the tattoo carefully in warm to hot water with a gentle, liquid soap. Carefully rinse all the soap off. Do not scrub.

  • Pat dry carefully and gently with a clean paper towel. Do not wipe the tattoo.

  • Moisturize with a very thin layer of a gentle, water-based, unscented lotion. Dab off any extra with a clean paper towel.

  • Wear loose, clean, cotton clothing that covers the tattoo while healing, even at night if possible.

  • Change your sheets before your first night and regularly while healing

  • Try to keep pets out of bed (good luck)

  • Do not scrub or exfoliate a fresh tattoo. Do not pick at scabs or flakes.

  • Keep the tattoo out of the sun until it is healed. After that always apply sunscreen to keep the tattoo from fading.

  • Check in with your tattoo artist after two weeks or when the tattoo has stopped flaking if you would like to schedule a touch-up appointment. Touch-ups are free in most cases as long as you come back within a year and have done your best to take care of the tattoo.

  • If you’re concerned the tattoo may be infected or you may be having an allergic reaction contact a medical professional. Your tattoo artist is not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions.