How much will my tattoo cost?
Custom tattoos are priced at $120/hour plus a $40 drawing fee. Most medium-sized tattoos take me somewhere between 2-4 hours.
Pre-drawn designs are priced at a flat fee, noted on the image.
I’ll occasionally offer discounts for special events or for scar coverage.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
I do require deposits for all pre-booked tattoos. If you’re requesting a custom design I require a non-refundable $40 design fee that does not get applied to the cost of the tattoo itself. If you’re booking a pre-drawn design I require a $20 booking deposit that gets applied to the cost of your tattoo if you show up for your appointment without rebooking more than once. If you rebook twice or more the deposit does not get applied to the cost of the tattoo.

Can I see my drawing before paying a deposit?
I do not do any drawing before receiving a non-refundable deposit. While I understand the fear that you won’t like the drawing, you are presumably choosing an artist because you like their style and you trust them to create something good. It’s important that artists get paid for their work. However, every tattoo artist wants you to be happy with your tattoo, and I will work with you on the design to ensure it encompasses your vision. If, after working together, we are still unable to create something you love, you are under no obligation to follow through with the tattoo, and I’ll still have been paid for the time and work I put in for you.

Will you send me my custom design in advance?
I generally don’t email custom designs under any circumstances. Sometimes I’m still tweaking and adjusting designs up to the morning of your appointment and I don’t want you to have an outdated design in your head. If it’s absolutely crucial for you to see your design in advance we can arrange a consultation appointment to discuss it in person.

Can I take your design to another artist to get it tattooed?
In very special circumstances I will create a tattoo design for another artist to tattoo, such as if you have no way to travel to Portland. However, the cost is much higher than my usual design fee, starting at $150 for a simple one-color design.

➤ Do I own the design you drew for me?
Unless you purchase additional rights to my designs, I retain all copyright. That means I may make prints of the design or use it as advertising. I generally will not tattoo a design more than once, with the exception of small flash pieces, but I reserve the right to do so.

Do you take walk-ins?
I am sometimes available for walk-ins. If you’re in the neighborhood feel free to drop by and see if the Open sign is up, but I’ll also endeavor to always post my availability on social media.

Do you sell art?
Oak Iris is both a tattoo shop and a gallery/retail space. I sell original art and prints of my own work as well as that of other Portland artists. One evening every two months I host an open gallery event with a new art show. Be sure and check my social media for the next event!