Before Your Tattoo

It’s important to be prepared for your tattoo appointment to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips to make sure you’re ready to be inked:

  • Make sure you bring your ID to your appointment. You will be turned away if you do not have a government-issued ID.

  • Get a good night’s sleep before your appointment.

  • Eat a good sized meal about an hour before your appointment and make sure you’re hydrated.

  • Feel free to bring snacks and a bottle of water or juice. Your tattoo artist should have some quick sugar options for you but it can’t hurt to bring your favorite nourishing snacks.

  • Do not drink alcohol before your appointment and don’t take blood-thinning medication unless directed by a doctor.

  • Do not come in to your appointment visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. You will be turned away.

  • If you have any type of skin anomaly in the area of the tattoo, including visible veins, large birthmarks, or discolorations, check with your doctor that it’s safe to tattoo over those.

  • If you have a sunburn or open sores or cuts in the area of the tattoo contact your tattoo artist to rebook as they will not tattoo over these.

  • Feel free to bring headphones and your favorite music, podcasts, or TV shows on your phone or tablet. You don’t have to chat with the artist. Anything that keeps you distracted from your discomfort is fine.

  • Put clean sheets on your bed and make sure you have clean, loose clothes to wear over the fresh tattoo for the first few days.

  • Make sure you have aftercare products ready to go including paper towels; unscented liquid soap; and aquaphor or other gentle, unscented lotion.

  • Don’t be afraid to contact your tattoo artist with any questions or concerns you have before your appointment.